Titanium alloys
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Company ROLL STEEL supplies titanium alloys in the shape of plates, sheets, coils, rods, wire, tubes and others. Generally, products of titanium are delivered upon a certain order of the customer and with properties that comply with the order specification.
For this reason, please contact us rollsteel@rollsteel.pl to find out the details and to get an offer for a delivery of titanium products.

Unlike others metals Titanium has high mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance, low density (which is characterized by a relatively small weight) and high unit strength in temperature 20—25 °С and cryogenic temperatures. Titanium alloys compared to titanium has got even higher mechanical strength and heat resistance properties, with good yield, high corrosion resistance and low density.

Titanium alloys may be divided into 3 groups:

– Structural and high-resistance

– Heat-resistant

– Alloys based on chemical combining

Trade name GOST UNS
Ti Grade 1 ВТ1-00 R50250
Ti Grade 2 ВТ1-0 R50400
Ti Grade 4 R50700
Ti Grade 5 (6AL4V) ВТ6 R56200
Ti Grade 6 (5Al 2.5Sn) ВТ5-1 R54520
Ti Grade 7 R52400
Ti Grade 11
Ti Grade 16