Titanium alloys
Nickel alloys

Company ROLL STEEL also delivers to its customers sheets, coils, bars and wire made of high-quality nickel alloys such as heat resistant, corrosion resistant and precise alloys. These alloys are widely used in the gas industry and oil refining, shipbuilding, desulfurizing processes in power electric stations, offshore industry and others.
Below are listed the most commonly used nickel alloys:

Alloy GOST UNS Werkstoff
Hastelloy X N06002 2.4665
Hastelloy C22 N06022 2.4602
Hastelloy C276 ХН65МВУ N10276 2.4819
Inconel 601 ХН60ВТ N06601 2.4851
lnconel 625 ХН75МБТЮ N06625 2.4856
Inconel 718 ХН60Ю N07718 2.4668
Inconel X750 ХН70МВТЮБ N07750 2.4669
Incoloy 800 ХН32Т N08800 1.4876
Incoloy 800H ХН32Т N08810 1.4876
Incoloy 800HT ХН32Т N08811 1.4876
Incoloy 825 ХН38ВТ N08825 2.4858
Alloy 20 N08020
Alloy 28 N08028 1.4563
Alloy 31 N08031 1.4562