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Company ROLL STEEL provides a wholesale trading of alloy and special steels in the form of bars and sheets. As a rule, it is a high-quality steel from Russian and Ukrainian producers. The range of diameters of bars varies from 10mm to 450mm, the sheet thickness of 2 mm to 120 mm. It is possible to cut the bars and sheets for the necessary length / width. A significant advantage of our company is the ability to supply small batches from 300 kg and up!

Because the range and availability of material changes constantly, please contact us to find out the availability and delivery time of the material that you need.

Alloy steels – is steel which in addition to the standard alloys and carbon also contains other elements, which are added in the specified amounts, providing the necessary mechanical and physical properties. Among the alloying additives are: chromium, nickel, copper, nitrogen, vanadium and others.stranitsa-legirovannye-spetsialnye-stali

Alloy steel, depending on the quantity of contained additives is divided into:
– low-alloyed (the content of alloying elements below 2.5%)
– semi-alloyed (from 2,5 to 10 %)
– high alloyed (from 10 to 50%)

By purpose alloy steels are divided into:
– structural
– tool
– special steels

We offer alloy and special steels in the form of bars and sheets. It is a high-quality steel from Russian and Ukrainian producers. Please contact us to clarify the availability and delivery time of material that you are currently interested.

Below some most common grades of alloy steels are shown:

Heat-resistant steel
10CrMo9-10 1.7380 10 Х2 М
13CrMo4-4 1.7335 13 ХМ
14MoV6-3 1.7715 12 Х1МФ
14MoV6-3 1.7715 14 ХМФ
13CrMo4-5 1.7335 15 ХМ
15Mo3 1.5415 15 М
X20CrMoV12-1 1.4922 20 Х11 МНФ
Spring steel
38Si7 1.5023 38 С2 А
50CrV4 1.8159 50HF 50 ХГФА
51CrMoV4 1.7701 50HS 52 ХГМФА
54SICr6 1.7102 55 ХС2 А
55Cr3 1.7176 55 ХГА
60Si7 1.0961 60S2 60 С2
60SiCR7 1.7108 60 С2 ХГА
High speed tool steel
S2-9-2 1.3348 Р2 М9-МП
S2-10-1-8 1.3247  SK8M Р2 М10 К8-МП
S6-5-2 1.3343  SW7M Р6 М5-МП
S6-5-2-5 1.3243  SK5M Р6 М5 К5-МП
S6-5-3 1.3344 Р6 М5 Ф3-МП
S10-4-3-10 1.3207  SK10V Р10 М4 Ф3 К10-МП
S12-1-4-5 1.3202  SK5V Р12 Ф4 К5-МП
Structural steel
13Mn6 9MnSi5 09G2S 09Г2С
14 NiCrMo1-3-4 1.6657 14 ХН3 М
16 МnCr5 1.7131 16HG 16 ХГ
16Mn CrB5 1.7160 16XГР
16NiCr4 1.5714 16 ХГН
S235J2G4 1.0117 17 Г1 С
15NiCr13 1.5752 17 ХН3
18CrMo4 1.7243  18HGM 18 ХГМ
18CrNiMo7-6 1.6587 18 Х2 Н2 М
20MoCr3 1.7320 20 ХМ
20MoCr2-2 1.6523 20 ХГНМ
25CrMo4 1.7218 25 ХМ
34Cr4 1.7033 34 Х
34CrNiMo6 1.6582  34HNM 34 Х2 Н2 М
36CrNiMo4 1.6511  36HNM 36 ХНМ
36NiCrMo16 1.6773 36 Х2 Н4 МА
42CrMo4 1.7225 42 ХМ
50CrV4 1.8159  50HF 50 ХГФ