Some of our partners in order to increase the economic efficiency of business use in their production process delivered by us 2nd choice material. For that reason, aiming to increase the level of our services and meet all the needs of our customers, apart from primary we supply as well secondary metal products.


Work with declassified material requires great responsibility and attention from the staff and a special quality system. Therefore the appropriate quality system has also been implemented in our company as a complex of special measures that are fulfilled from the moment the material enters our warehouse and until a delivery to the customer is finished.


If it is necessary or on customer’s request our employees will carry out additional quality control in order to identify any possible damages and take care of proper packing and loading of the material. Non-prime products that we offer to our customers generally can be characterized by having negligeable surface or edge defects, arising in the process of transportation or storage. However, in the most cases it is over rolled material that has no defects at all!